Sustainably built new construction, renovations and historic restorations in Southport, Bald Head Island, Oak Island, St. James Plantation and the surrounding communities.

We offer a fully custom design program and can produce a complete set of architectural plans to meet your needs and wants. Aren’t sure of what you’re looking for? We specialize in comprehensive design build ensuring that it’s not just your house but your dream home.

Using Energy Star plan evaluation and modeling, we are able to build or remodel your home with maximized energy efficiency and the highest standards of quality. And through careful integration with a landscape architect, the comfort of your dream home can extend to the outdoors. If you’re mindful of the environment, you’ll be pleased to know that we specialize in sustainable building practices, as well.

A healthy home is every bit as important as an energy efficient home. We understand all the dynamics at play in your house and how all the different elements work together. Our goal is a harmonious blend of energy efficiency and healthy living.

As a Sustainable Builder, we can make your home just as beautiful and functional as the environment that surrounds it.  From irrigation with rainfall meters to sustainable wood flooring, we can provide a myriad of solutions for our environmentally conscious clientele. Many of our outdoor projects utilize Trex, a wood-alternative decking composite that is low maintenance and environmentally friendly. Geo-Thermal HVAC systems are also used for their ability to heat and cool homes efficiently utilizing the free energy of a constant ground temperature.

Let us make your dreams a reality!